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Your brain is a funny thing.
You could work day after day struggling to find the next profitable idea … and come up completely blank.

Then you go on holiday and out of nowhere DOZENS of incredible ideas come to mind.
Usually when you have no internet access and NO way to turn those ideas into profits.

Does Any Of THIS
Sound Familiar?

You’re away from home or the office and get a LIGHTBULB moment …
You’re on holiday and see something SO COOL you KNOW it would sell to your audience …
You get a moment of inspiration while eating dinner at your favorite restaurant ...

The most PROFITABLE ideas come at the LEAST expected times

Consider some of the craziest ideas people came up with
ON HOLIDAY that turned into millions of dollars in profits:

  • Big Mouth Billy Bass - a talking fish

  • The Pet Rock

  • Yellow Smiley Faces

  • Silly Putty

  • The Hula Hoop

All of these ideas - behind HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in sales -
came to their creators when they were on holiday.

Cash In From EVERY Winning Idea
Just By Phoning It In!

Thanks to massive developments in artificial intelligence tech, you can turn ANY idea into profits with your smartphone.

The next time a profitable idea pops into your head … WHEREVER you are …
You can just send a text or voicemail with nothing more than a keyword …
And our ADVANCED software will build you a top-converting Amazon store based on your idea.

If It Sounds Impossible - It’s Because
Until VERY Recently, It Was
Sound Familiar?

Picture it. You’re on the beach, at a club, hanging out with friends.
Out of nowhere a great idea hits you (funny how the best ideas are often the most spontaneous)

Without skipping a beat or missing out on any of the fun …
You just send a text or 5 second voice message to have a dynamic Amazon affiliate store created based on your latest, greatest idea.

Text For Profit

Yup, it’s that easy. Send a text to the # we give you with your keyword …
Have a custom Amazon store created in minutes … that you can showcase to your audience to QUICKLY profit from your new ideas.

Phone-In Sales

Just call our # and leave a message with your keyword …
Over 80 languages supported …

The software will INSTANTLY create you a unique store SPECIFIC to the country YOUR Amazon account is located in.

Next Level Profits

The world’s most successful online marketers - people like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson and MANY more - all realize that BRANDING is critical to building a business.

As an online marketer, your domain is a HUGE part of your brand.
So when you grab this powerful upgrade, you’ll be able to use your own domains to maximize your branding potential …
and we’ll host them for you.

Use up to TEN of your own domains for your specific stores …
Have them hosted on our premium servers for industry-leading load times & security …
And enjoy the powerful benefits of domain branding to passively grow YOUR business.

PREMIUM Storefronts To
MAXIMIZE Monthly Sales

Great looking online stores are THE difference between making sales or losing prospects. These days, people EXPECT stunning stores that make shopping fun.

So included with your access are 3 PREMIUM, brand-new Amazon store
templates each month - that you can customize for your offers.

You’ll stand out from the competition with gorgeous online storefronts specifically designed to convert MORE viewers into buyers.

Azon Funnels Is A Great START
For Amazon Commissions

Azon HOSTED Turns Those Commissions Into Life-Changing Income

  • INSTANTLY create stores on-the-fly with nothing more than your smartphone

  • Turn ‘vacation ideas’ into profits with a simple text or voicemail

  • BUILD your brand with stores that use your own domains, hosted on our premium servers

  • Access 3 stunning new store templates each and every month to maximize sales

Azon Hosted takes you from ‘one-time’ commissions to game changing income.

With powerful AI features, branding AND stunning store designs built to maximize your profits.

Laptop Lifestyle? Until now, it was make-believe.
Azon Hosted makes it your reality.

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Azon Funnels Hosted

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